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I am a random boy from Italy. I am not a great writer and this page may contain the same language syntax... Wait? What am i saying? The whole site may contain those repetition. I decided to take this site a renewal because it was pretty needed.

My skills/knowledge

I am not good at anything special *sad face*, except i can do stuff with web development. I know pretty well HTML and CSS, and i have an average knowledge of PHP. I'm currently learning JavaScript.

My life

People say i'm a helpful and "simple" person in real life. I spend most of the time stuck to a device... Aaargh i need to stop and dedicate more time to books. What else? I've always been more intelligent than people with my age, starting from being able to read and write when i was... Four? By a side note: I have a boring life and i do stuff out of boredom. Ugh.

My personality

I can be very obsessed over stuff that For you is dumb and stubborn, but i can act maturely and friendly when needed. I'm also really lazy.

Favourite stuff

Favourite colors: White and Teal (#008080). Favourite pokémon: Budew (It's so cute ^^) Favourite food: Maybe something we italians rarely eat named "Pasta alla carbonara" (Usually spaghetti with scrambled eggs and some yummy meat cubes).